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They'll never be this little again.

I was astonished to look down at my puppy recently and realize she had become a dog. When did that happen? I knew of course she'd eventually get older, but in my subconscious mind, she'd always been a puppy and always would be. Then one day I put my hand on her back and realized her bunny fuzz had turned into fur - just like that, before my very eyes and without my even realizing it.

The desire to document life here and now as it happens, and before another moment replaces it, drives me into feverish documentation of my friends' weddings, baby showers, kids, and any other milestone I know they will want to remember. I know that while they feel subconsciously that the memories will never fade and the status quo will remain, time marches over all things. Their kids were babies just a moment ago. I knew they wouldn't be babies forever, but somehow I assumed I'd get more warning before they grew into little kids. That somehow I would realize it was happening. When did that baby chub actually roll off into skinny little arms and legs? When did their feet stop fitting in the palm of my hand? When did their babbling actually start making sense? When did they stop asking to be picked up? Gradually, it happens without even really realizing it, and then one day, you look down, and they're kids.

I came to the realization doing lifestyle and documentary photography sessions that no one will ever be as young as they are right now. Those little ones will never be as little as they are at this very moment. It's an obvious point and hardly an epiphany, and some might even feel it's a little depressing. But it's not - it's an awesome reminder to "press those memory buttons," as my grandfather used to say. One day those everyday, authentic, routine moments we take for granted will change before our eyes without us even realizing it. The days are long, but the years are short.

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