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Before and after: the power of professional photo editing

It's amazing to see photos come alive in the editing process. These adorable kiddos are perfect just as they are. Nevertheless, some thorough, careful, soft edits of their surroundings, the light, the color, and their skintones really help polish the images without taking away from their natural, relaxed feel. The editing process is an art unto itself and is one thing that makes professional portraits a whole different ballgame than snapshots. I absolutely love bringing the finished, edited prints to families to cherish forever, and I take a lot of pride in making each individual picture the most beautiful, timeless version of itself.

Checkout these before and after examples of what happens during the Cidermill Photography editing process. (I do the same editing for adults, including skin smoothing and evening, teeth whitening, and eye brightening, but I spared the adults the before and after comparison here.)


After editing - brightened up, warmed up skin tones, deepened fall colors, enhanced natural sun flare behind her head, brightened blue sweater, emphasized motion in her hair, and created a slight vignette:


After editing - softened and evened skin, added contrast, brightened whites, darkened shadows, added slight peach tone to black and white, and finished in a soft matte:


After editing - brightened and softened face, added warm light, smoothed and evened skin, lightened under eyes, tidied up a bit under the mouth, and increased vibrance of reds in the blanket:


After editing - evened out and smoothed skin, added soft background light, increased backlighting to hair, and softened focus overall:

After editing - same edits as above, but in a soft black and white:

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